Get to Know About ESA Certification

A prescription that confirms that a person is facing mental health issues and an ESA is a part of a treatment plan.

Few Facts About ESA Certification


What does an ESA Certification Express?

If a person has ESA Certification that means, the person is currently a patient of LMHP and an ESA is a part of treatment. An Emotional Support Animal will help that person in emotional healing.

What is in there in ESA Certification?

A legit ESA Certification includes Letterhead and signature of mental health practitioners, the release date. Type of license, date of issuance, license number, and state from where the license was issued for mental health practitioners. Confirmation that a patient needs an emotional support animal in their lives.

In How much time a person can get it?

If a person is applying for ESA Certification offline where he has to find LMHP in his town, it may take longer time. Online application may take 15 minutes to fill the application form and after approval within 24-48 hours, ESA Letter will be provided.

What Does ESA Certification Exactly Mean?


Your use of the companionship your pet gives you is mentioned in an ESA Certification. If you or a loved one is suffering from an emotional or mental disability, a certified therapist may prescribe it to help.

The name, weight, and breed of the emotional support animal are included in this letter. Any animal may be categorized as an emotional support animal (ESA). 

Emotional support animals are primarily used to provide people with companionship, reduce loneliness, and aid in the fight against depression, anxiety, and some unreasonable fears. A physician or other qualified mental health practitioner typically prescribes this letter.

You can visit my website to learn more about ESA Certification. 

What are the benefits of ESA Certification?

An ESA Certification lets a person who has an emotional support animal for mental healing live in a rental property without facing any landlord discrimination. Also, the person doesn't have to pay pet charges to live with ESA. Thus it saves money. If a person has an ESA Certification, An ESA 

  • Has access to practically all housing types, regardless of pet-free regulations.
  • Is protected from being separated from its owner by the Fair Housing Act.
  • Is permitted to travel in the cabin of any aircraft with its owner.
  • Is safeguarded for in-cabin travel under the Air Carrier Access Act.
  • Housing or airplane access cannot be charged separately to the handler. 

Note: Only a few airlines allow an ESA in flights.